March 29, 2020

Advices for new GIS Developers

These recommendations are for you if you, like me, are going to start compulsory or willingly developing software in the field of CBS after years of web / desktop application development. First of course, there are no difficult concepts. Within a year, you will inevitably learn or have to learn most of the cartography.

If you are currently working with a web developer and a web-based GIS project, your job will be a bit easier, with a high probability of using Javascript / Typescript. This could be Openlayers / Leaflet or a company-developed javascript library. The ArcGis side is similar.

If you are someone who works on the desktop side, if you want to take a dominant role in web-based GIS projects, Javascript should be good. Of course, someone who has mastered C # has a very short learning time.

Desktop GIS applications in C #, Java, C ++ or Delphi and so on. assuming that you have mastered the technology used, you should only build on the basics of cartography.

On the database side, the situation is slightly different, with whichever database you’ve worked with, MS SQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL, almost all of them already have geographic data storage capabilities, or have several official plug-ins, so you only need to learn customized functions for geographic data. It is to use.

Try to learn at least one desktop CAD / GIS software, even at the beginning level. This can be QGIS, ArcGis, BelsisCad or NetCad.

Read the basic concepts of mapping that I mentioned in my article here, you don’t need to memorize it and you will already become familiar with it. If you’re on the web, you’ll be delighted with Openlayers and Leaflet, and even try to find out what Proj4js, are all about.

If you like the GIS area, you may have a hard time leaving it like me. After I started this area, I find myself wandering on Google Maps in my spare time while I am at the computer. At the same time, I opened this blog site, the fact that I liked this area was a great motivation for me to write articles here.

There are some initiatives that I follow in this field; Mapbox, Maptiler, MangoMap, GisCloud. You can also follow and get inspired by the developed functions. I was very inspired, even so inspired; With the BulutCBS project, I applied to Tübitak 1512 program, I attended the finals and I was eliminated in the final.

As a result, this article can help you get started quickly, 4 years ago I had no idea what the Openlayers were. Oh, did I learn everything about this field? Of course I didn’t. I’m still learning, and I’m sharing what I’ve learned here. Stay tuned!

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